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If you have purchased the Smoke Out Skeeter Citronella Incense Tubes for resale in your store in the bright gold packaging consisting of 12 Extra Long 19″ Incense Sticks and 6 of the shorter 11″ Incense sticks – you are in the right place.

I’ve made this area so you can pull video, images and possible social media post ideas for this product.

First of all – THANK YOU – for purchasing a product made in the USA and packaged here in Fort Collins, Colorado. Anticipating a big mosquito issue here in our area is what prompted us (Jan & Phyllis) to make this product for sale both online and at local retail stores in Northern Colorado. We appreciate your business and are working hard to support sales of these products n your stores. We may do some local Pay-Per-Click ads online to assist with sales. Feel free to use anything on this page to help you sell your mosquito sticks.

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It’s time to Smoke Out Skeeters and take back the patio area! Use these incense sticks infused with citronella, rosemary and lemongrass to thwart the interruption of mosquitoes at your party! Available now at [insert your store name] . This is a great non-DEET solution to pesky mosquito issues.

Are you tired of having a beautiful backyard area that gets taken over by mosquitoes? No worries! We now carry Smoke Out Skeeter brand Citronella Incense sticks. You’ll get 12 LARGE sized sticks – place them in pots in the perimeter of your area. Use the smaller sticks for the ankle biters under your table. Enjoy the party longer with Smoke Out Skeeter Incense Sticks!


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