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  • Cat Caves / Cat Beds for your Feline Friend

    Cat Caves offered by Woolly Mammoth and Kitty Available on Amazon NOW! This medium sized cat cocoon is a lovely glacier teal with a white rim. Very beautiful for living room or bedroom.Kitty will love the soft wool – perfect for the summer and the winter!
  • Large Cat Cave for Easy Access

    Cat Ears Cat Cave – perfect for older cats – a Step-In Design.Dark Navy Blue is easy for an older cat to step inside away from other pets and traffic. A nice napping spot for Kitty. Sold on Amazon through Protect and Store under the brand name Woolly Mammoth and Kitty.Makes a great gift for a cat lover!
  • Coco-Honi Natural Coconut Facial Moisturizer - Just Launched August 2015

    A light blend of your favorite natural ingredients is the perfect facial moisturizer for day and evening protection. Keep your skin hydrated with our new 2 oz. and 4 oz. sizes of Coco-Honi. Translation: Coconut Hawaiian Kisses! We will be introducing a 6 ounce size for Spa/Salon Backbar usage as well.
  • Refillable 6 ounce Skin Care Bottles

    Beautiful Copper 6 oz, 4 oz and other assorted combinations of great looking and super functioning skin care bottles from Pumps and Spray Bottles. Over 3,000 in inventory. Take advantage of our quantity discounts!
  • RFID Blocking Sleeves with BONUS I.C.E Form

    RFID Credit Card Sleeves in a Set of 12 with an additional BONUS I.C.E Emergency Sleeve to place in a wallet or between case and phone situation.FIND your phone if it is lost by providing information – and –PROVIDE LIFE SAVING INFORMATION to emergency personnel if you are unable to communicate due to an accident.SOLD on AMAZON by Protect and Store.
  • BOGO on our 6 Ounce Refillable Copper Bottles!

    Buy One – GET ONE! Get 6 bottles for the price of 3
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